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The highest quality photos, videos and recordings for Nashville's artists, musicians, singer-songwriters, YouTubers and more...


The Mission

Our mission is: "Make Them Shine." We do that by creating stunning photos, videos, and unbelievably detailed recordings at an unbeatable price. Each service is uniquely structured to fit your style.

"Hell yeah thank you so much! They are honestly incredible!! You did amazingly!!"



Castle Sound Co. is a multimedia production company made for musicians. We offer a great variety of high quality content at an affordable rate. We are designed to make it easy for you to get the content your brand needs for promotion. Now it's time to give us a try. Take a look at the work in our galleries, and then get in touch for a quote today. For the quality of content we offer, you can't find a better price.

Quality is Everything.

Too many Nashville artists struggle to find high-quality content. We think that everyone should have access to the images, videos and music they want to share with the world.

Castle Sound Co. represents up-and-coming talent. We focus on building a relationship with you to understand your brand and marketing needs. We then meticulously capture and edit all content to match your brand.


"Castle Sound Co. does really amazing work. They are able to deliver finished projects fast and the staff is very easy to work with. Such a professional service! I would highly recommend."

You've heard it before, a picture is worth a thousand words. So what are you telling your fans? Let our experts help get your brand on the right track. Professional portraits, lifestyle and concert shots are sure to put you in the spotlight.

Whether you need music videos, Kickstarter promos, concert highlights or YouTube how-tos, we've got you covered! From planning to production to publishing, our video experts will run with your idea and make it as easy as possible for you.

Tell 'em like you mean it! Don't leave 'em guessing what you said. Say it loud and clear! Our recording and mixing professionals take all the pain out of making sure your music or video sounds they way its supposed to. 

Our collaborative approach focuses on building relationships and getting to the heart of who you are and what you do. The result is powerfully authentic brand imagery. From stunning portraits and live gig promos to music and Kickstarter videos, no challenge is too big and no detail too small.

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Photography, Videography and Audio Recording for Nashville Music Creatives

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