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Nashville is know as Music City for a reason. There are literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of musicians and artists residing here trying to make a name for themselves. Finding a way to brand yourself can be frustrating in such a competitive city. Our founder, Codi Castle, recognized this when moving here in 2013.

"I saw countless artists trying to make themselves appear unique but they all just looked and sounded the same. I could tell the artist development companies were just taking inspiration from the latest stars and applying their brand to these artists just hoping someone would take note. I knew if I could just get to know what some of these artists were really trying to express, I could help them rebrand in a truly unique way that completely embodied their style and mood."


Made for Music.

"...a way to help artists and musicians create professional content and grow their brand."

With years of experience in audio production, photography and videography, as well as a Bachelors in Entertainment Industry Production, Castle Sound Co. was started as a way to help artists and musicians create professional content and grow their brand. All artists want to be taken seriously,....so why not have serious content.

About Us






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Photography, Videography and Audio Recording for Nashville Music Creatives

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