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Lyric Video Production

Lyric videos have come a long way in the last few years. They used to be thought of as little more than a video for karaoke, with the bouncing ball to show what word you're on. Today, a lyric video can be as creative and attentive as a fully produced music video. The flow of the lyrics can be an art form in itself, and the video, a view through the lens of the writer or a captivating energy left to the imagination of the viewer. A powerful marketing tool which can be used across multiple social media platforms, reaching countless potential fans, a lyric video should connect with your audience in a way that makes them want to watch it over and over. It won't take them long to start singing your newest single back to you!

Basic Lyric Video

Our most affordable lyric video option includes moving backgrounds of either color or video, up to four fonts which can match your brand if desired, and up to 400 words. With great results and quick turnaround times, this is a fantastic lyric video option for your next single release!

Advanced Lyric Video

This lyric video option increases the font and word count, and can be compiled of stock footage. With so many more options for customization, including 3D motion tracking, your video will leave your fans wanting more. Let Nashville's top lyric video company design your next lyric video production!

We strive to deliver stunning lyric videos that represent your song and story at a competitive rate. If you like our examples and would like to know more, view our rates or contact us for a free quote today and let us get started on your next lyric video.

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