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Professional music video production in Nashville involves way more than just picking a spot, setting up a camera and lip-syncing to your music. Top music video production companies like Castle Sound Co. understand the ins and outs of all aspects of creating a professional music video. Scripting is the foundation to a great music video. Once the script is approved, location scouting for your music video begins. A shot list is then compiled to get a general understanding of how your music video will be shot and edited. On the day of the shoot, our music video producer and director will ensure all members of the team work cohesively to light the set and capture the images in the music video shot list. Several shots of B-roll are also taken to ensure there is flexibility and interest during editing. Music video production can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the scope of the script and availability of the locations agreed upon during scouting. During assembly and editing, a colorist will color grade your music video footage to give it a professional look. A deep understanding of all aspects of music video production including scripting, scouting, lighting, composition, camera operation, editing and color grading set our music video producer apart from others. The fact that our videographer is also a musician and mix engineer give another advantage in that he ensures your music video possesses a natural rhythm and feel to match the movement of your song.

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