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Our professional portrait photographer specializes in artist portraits and modern portraits. With a broad range of sighting setups and editing styles, we're able to provide you with a unique look. We utilize several photo studios in and around Nashville to provide you with a professional portrait your friends and family are sure to love. All of our portrait edits include the option of skin retouching, if desired, to reduce wrinkles and accentuate shadows and highlights.

Professional Portraits in Nashville


We start with visualization of the portrait you want us to capture. Viewing several different portraits of the style you're trying to achieve helps us gather information of how it was shot. After determining how the portrait was made, we can narrow down the location your portrait will need to be taken in. Taking portraits outdoors is usually many times cheaper than requiring a photography studio, if not altogether free.


After the location for your portrait has been decided, we need to determine what kind of lighting is required. The mood of a portrait can vary greatly depending on the shadows cast by lighting. The size and type of lights shape the shadows can can produce deep mysterious portraits or bright and cheery ones. When using natural light for portraits, we also have to consider time of the shoot, as the sun moves throughout the day.


Once your portrait images have been captured, we load all of them into our storage system to file them and choose the ones to be edited. There are many editing styles for portraits which range from very natural to matte to flat out otherworldly. Once your portrait is in photoshop, we can alter many aspects of the image including changing the background completely. We can also match the color and style of other portraits.


The final step to producing professional portraits is skin retouching. We use the power of photoshop to reduce blemishes on the skin, enhance the depth of the eyes and can even alter or add makeup. It is also during this phase we enhance your portraits highlights and shadows to create a truly beautiful work of art. Depending on the subject, this process is usually the most time consuming.

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