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Music Production


"It sounds sooo I can't believe how great this turned out!"



Creating a song couldn't be simpler with our team of Nashville music professionals. We're involved in every step of the music production process to ensure your project gets the focus and attention it deserves. We have professional writers, producers, musicians and engineers with one goal in mind; to make your song the best it can be! 

Are you trying to finish that song you wrote last year or are you wanting to start from scratch? We offer individual services for each process of song production or contact us about working on your next project where we'll record, mix and master your songs with quality and pricing you just can't beat.

Music Studios



Sit down, one-on-one, with some of Nashville's top songwriters and get the inspiration you need to finish that song you've been working on or to write an entirely new song from scratch. Our team of songwriters covers a wide range of genres, styles, and types of music. This allows you to create a song that's both competitive with some of today's biggest hits and a truly unique work of art.


Now that your songs are written, it's time to make sure they're ready to be recorded. To ensure a quick and steady workflow and to prevent extra recording studio costs, you'll spend time with our record producer, proofing the arrangement, charting parts, dialing in tempos and tracking a work-tape for the studio musicians. If you're recording with your own band, this is where "practice makes perfect" comes into play. Everyone will spend time perfecting their parts so there's no confusion when you step into the music studio.


This is where the magic happens! You'll be joined by our record producer in one of the many Nashville recording studio's we partner with to professionally record your songs. All parts, except those that are programmed, are recorded live. Overdubs are tracked as need with exceptional detail given to the vocal.


After tracking is completed, your songs project is edited. This includes cleaning up any timing inconsistencies, vocal processing such as comping and pitch correction and eliminating any noise. Editing also serves to help the mix engineer move through the mix process easier.


Mixing is essential to bringing proper balance to your song. Clarity, space, impact and overall sound quality are polished during this process. Once a mix is complete, you'll proof the song. Once you're happy with the mix, your song will be sent to a mastering engineer in a specialty recording studio for the finishing touches.


The final stage in the song recording process. A highly trained mastering engineer will take the mixes you approved and standardize them for various formats. Mastering is essential to ensure your songs not only have a similar sound and loudness, but to make sure they will be heard in the greatest detail when played from different media.

Music Examples


Are You Ready?

At Castle Sound Co. we understand that each project varies in size and scope as well as budget. Our client's needs vary greatly, from full band recording to 2 hour red carpet interviews, so we suggest scheduling an in-person meeting to discuss your specific needs. 

We aim to stay competitive in the Nashville recording market and therefore would love to quote you on your next project.

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